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CashOnAd is an unique android application where users can send messages, cards to another users lock screen.
With CashOnAd, you will also get a marketplace where users can sell their products. Amazing video tones, with some added benefits is also CashOnAd.

Video media advertisement experience has never been available to mobile phones.
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Kantipur Media Group

Kantipur Media Group is the largest media group of Nepal consisting of Kantipur Publication, Radio Kantipur and Kantipur TV.

Kantipur Mobile App - Bringing us even closer.
Ever since we took off 21 years ago, change and innovation have always been our hallmarks.
Over the years, in keeping with that spirit of innovation, we added new family members - Radio Kantipur and Kantipur TV.
We are now introducing the newest member of our family-
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Pashupati Paints

Pashupati Paints is the largest paint manufacturer in Nepal.

Pashupati Paints (SmartPaint).
Pashupati Paints (Smart Paint) android application is an innovative product for Painting rooms and exteriors.
With this application user can paint the various templates with the varieties of colors provided by Pashupati Paints.
Apart from templates, with SNAP AND PAINT feature, user can take a snap
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Onlinekhabar is the largest online news portal of Nepal. Popular with both domestic and international audiences, OnlineKhabar provides a unique way of informing people.

Established on 1 November 2006 AD, onlinekhabar.com is number 1 news portal from Nepal, has made a landmark achievement in reaching Nepalese community the world over in a short span of time.
onlinekhabar.com keeps updating political, economic, social and
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